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Want to know how to age healthily? The Fitkit will answer that question within 15 minutes!

Everybody knows… A healthy lifestyle reduces the risk of developing western diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthrosis, and the metabolic syndrome. That’s why we do everything we can to live as healthy as possible, right? 

Lab research has never been easier with the Fitkit! With the Fitkit at home you will receive the digital results and personal advice within a few days. The Fitkit helps you to age healthily!



Testing your health at home has never been easier with the Fitkit

With a personal analysis and personalized advice, you take control over your own health and work on a healthy, happy future.

  • Test your own health within 15 minutes 
  • Free shipping costs
  • You will receive a personal analysis of your health
  • You will receive personalized advice to work on a healthy future
  • The Fitkit is scientifically validated

Developed for you

The Fitkit has been developed by behavioral and movement scientists to make everyone, with the help of life-changing, and insightful (lab) tests, aware of their health. 

Science has now come to the point that 13 tests can provide an integrated picture of your general health. The test results gives a clear overview with detailed information about your blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and abdominal circumference. By combining these test results, they provide a total overview and more insight into your overall health. Previously, these kind of integral tests were only possible if you had expensive tests carried out in the hospital for days. With the Fitkit this is now possible in your own living room!

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HR-2104 (1920)
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Tips and inspiration to improve your health

Your tests results are analyzed by us, within a few days you will receive your personalized advice, tips and inspiring stories that will help you to improve your health. We guide you towards a healthy, happy future!

More and more people discover western disease prematurely on themeselves

Western diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthrosis, and metabolic syndrome are chronic illness and form the largest disease burden in the Western world. They are generally ‘dormant’ and develop in the long term. Once they get there, you are already too late. 

The cause is most of the time our diet and lifestyle (alcohol, lack of exercise, stress, and not enough sleep). With the right adjustments you can prevent this! 70% of the Western diseases can be prevented with the right diet!

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Measure your health at home

How does the Fitkit work?


Reviews of Fitkit users



Our measurements and tests

are completely based 

on scientific research 


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Fitkit for your company 
Improve the health of your employees

With the Fitkit you contribute significantly to the health and wellbeing of your employees. The Fitkit is based on scientific knowledge and accurately maps out the points of improvement.

Gaining insight into the health of your employees reduces the risk of a burn out, stress, cardiovascular diseases significantly. With a personalized advice we work on a healthier future!

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Our Story

The Fitkit is developed by Fitsurance, an innovative company, based in the ‘Amsterdam Venture Studios’ at VU Amsterdam. Our initiative focuses on supporting you to improve your health, fitness, and wellbeing. 

Our expertise in measuring and interpreting physical and mental parameters gives us the opportunity to give you tailor-made advice.

Our measurements and tests are completely based on scientific research. 


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