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Data does not lie!

distinguish yourself through tailor-made data-driven advice

Give your clients more insight into their health, fitness, and resilience through reliable measurements

  • Efficient
  • Lower costs
  • More extensive advice and insights
  • Radiate trust to the customer by joining forces
  • Measure and increase impact

Are you a trainer, lifestyle coach, dietician or other type of healthcare professional and do you go the extra mile in supporting your clients achieve their goals?


Do you want to distinguish yourself through tailor-made data-driven advice,
as an additional service to your existing program?

Our health checks can help you!

Support your clients to achieve their goals even better! 

We do not compete with healthcare professionals, but we join forces. Our service can complement any existing lifestyle intervention by quantifying the effect of this intervention. With a follow-up measurement, the difference between two measurements is mapped-out and becomes clear what the true impact of the intervention is.

Fitsurance offers consumers and healthcare professionals integral insight into individual health through measurements. The service includes a wide range of scientifically valid health, fitness and psychosocial tests performed in one place and thus obtains a holistic overview of the consumer’s health status. This is done in an easy and affordable way.

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Our Health Check is not only good for quantifying the effect of the intervention, but our measurements also provide the opportunity to combine measurements from other parties and to combine our forces. By co-creation we are able to empower and create richer brand experiences and develop products and services that give our clients even better and more extensive insight into their health.

Co-creation opens up your innovation process to a wide range of voices that would normally never be involved. This allows us to bundle our expertise so all parties involved are put in their strength, which allows everyone to do what they do best. This also means no extra investment costs and saves all parties a lot of time and effort. Combined effort, high impact.

To stimulate a co-operation, we offer an extensive service, including building landing and order pages, providing content and relieving you from a variety of tasks so you can focus on what you do best!

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What do we measure?

Under the guidance of the Fitsurance team, your clients will undergo several tests that indicate whether you have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Based on the Health Check results we are able to map out the points of improvement to achieve the goals of you and your clients. These measurements can be done either as physical health checks or they are able to measure their health within the convenience of their own home, using the Fitkit.

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