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Long-term data-driven lifestyle coaching

Improve your health, with Fitsurance!

Quick insight into current health
Scientifically based and data driven
Personalized- and practical approach
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Take Control of Your Health with Fitsurance

Are you interested in taking care of your health and measuring your progress? Maybe you’re not sure where to begin, but you understand that being healthy is a lifestyle choice that requires long-term commitment. We can help!

A health subscription is a simple and cost-effective method to focus on your health and reach your health and wellbeing goals. With our subscriptions we provide you constantly with the tools and resources you need to reach your goals and achieve a greater feeling of peace of mind and motivation, whether you want to enhance your fitness, manage or avoid a chronic disease, or simply maintain excellent health.

3.000 individuals have already been supported in achieving their health goals
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Personal health made easy!

With our science-based approach, we will give you an easy and clear insight into how you can improve your health and energy purposefully. Based on our data-driven analysis of your health, we will map out your points of improvement and you will receive tailor-made advice to achieve your personal goals.

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How you feel is not always the truth…

How you feel does not always accurately portray your health. Many health conditions can go unnoticed without obvious symptoms. That is why prevention is so important. Take proactive actions toward preventative care and gain reliable data about your health. It is time to invest in your well-being for a healthier future.

More than

people have one or more chronic diseases in The Netherlands

At least

Is lifestyle related

Start working on your health now!

Our yearly subscription plans provide varying degrees of health measurements to meet your demands and budget. Our subscription options enable you to keep track of your health and make educated decisions about your well-being. We have you covered, no matter which package you choose. Join us today and take the first step toward a healthier you! 

Check out our preventative health subscriptions!

Click on the measurement titles below to expand and learn more about each type of check.

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Body Composition Insights

Body Composition Insights

€2,95 / month

This subscription analyzes body metrics to simplify health management. This subscription is essential for healthy living and tracking your fitness goals.

4x a year: Body Check

The Body Check Measures:

Prevent Chronic Diseases

Prevent Chronic Diseases

€4,95 / month

Maintain your health and prevent potential chronic diseases. This subscription is essential for those who are committed to work on a healthy lifestyle.

2x a year: Physical Health Check Plus

The Physical Health Check Measures:

Also includes:

Prevent Chronic Diseases At Home

Prevent Chronic Diseases At Home

€7,45 / month

This subscription is designed to help you maintain your health and prevent potential chronic diseases from the comfort of your own home.

1x a year: Fitkit

The Fitkit Measures:


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Fitsurance Health Report

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Health report
The Fitsurance report provides you a holistic overview of your health. All data that are measured with the Fitkit and/or the Physical Health Check has been collected in this detailed report, which explains the outcomes in detail. The report gives you insight into your own health and maps out your points of improvement. This gives you practical tools to move towards your goals of a healthier future! 

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Physical Body Check (On location)

With the physical body check you will receive more insight into your current body composition. The check will be executed at our measurement location in Amsterdam.

Body check measures:

  • Overall body composition (including muscle mass, fat mass and water mass)
  • The grip strength, an essential part to gain insight into the amount of muscle mass and muscle function in the body

Physical Health Check (On location)

With the physical Health Check you will receive more insight into your health. The check will be executed at our measurement location in Amsterdam.

Physical Health Check measures:

  • The overall body composition (including muscle mass, fat mass and water mass)
  • Grip strength, an essential part to gain insight into the amount of muscle mass and muscle function in the body
  • Fasted Blood Glucose level (indication of (pre-)Diabetes Type 2)
  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol Profile (HDL, LDL, triglycerides and total) 

Lung function test (On location)

Our lung function test can provide valuable insights and help you take proactive steps towards maintaining or improving your respiratory health.


Physical Check (On location)

With the Physical Check you will receive more insight into your health. The check will be executed at our measurement location in Amsterdam.

Physical check measures:

  • The overall body composition (including muscle mass, fat mass and water mass)
  • Grip strength, an essential part to gain insight into the amount of muscle mass and muscle function in the body
  • Fasted Blood Glucose level (indication of (pre-)Diabetes Type 2)

Fitkit (Online available)

Measure your health at home with our Fitkit within 15 minutes. Your test results are analyzed by us, within a few days you will receive your personalized advice to improve your health.

Fitkit measures:

  • An insightful Fitkit Report (see dummy report)
  • A total overview of the risk profile of the metabolic syndrome,
  • HbA1c insights (3 months average blood sugar)
  • Complete cholesterol profile
  • CRP (inflammation biomarker)
  • (Optional) Blood pressure

Comprehensive blood test (tailor-made) (Online available)

You can receive a tailor-made comprehensive blood test that can give you insights about the following biomarkers: vitamins, minerals, organ function, intolerances, allergies, and hormones such as testosterone & cortisol.

Add-ons From Partners


2-weeks continuous glucose sensor (Online available)

With the blood glucose sensor, you can discover your unique blood glucose reaction on your nutrition and diet.


DNA test (Online available)

Discover your genetic predispositions for nutrition, sports, stress, and sleep with Omniyou’s DNA test. You will receive valuable insights to guide your daily habits and achieve your health goals based on your genetics.


Microbiome test (Online available)

Uncover the secret to a healthier gut with MyMicroZoo’s microbiome test. You will receive a personalised report with insights regarding your gut health and recommendations to maintain or improve it.

About Us


We are on a mission to prevent chronic diseases and improve overall well-being, fitness and lifestyle for everyone!


We aim to be the leading lifestyle and prevention platform in the EU and help 1 million people annually by 2030.

How it al started….

Fitsurance was founded in 2019 at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam by Human Movement scientists with a shared passion for health and physical activity. They were shocked to learn that 10 million people are suffering from chronic disease in The Netherlands. This number is still rising, even though health awareness and health literacy among consumers are at an all-time high.


Meet our Accredited Lifestyle Coach!

Co-founder & CSO

Stef Beijk

Co-founder & CSO
HR-2406 (1920)

Tommie and Stef are dedicated to help individuals achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle through data-driven coaching. They are graduated human movement scientists that use their (scientific) knowledge in their coaching. As Lifestyle Coaches, Tommie and Stef believe in the ability of long-lasting behavioural changes to promote health and prevent (chronic) diseases. They recognize the significance of various aspects such as physical activity, nutrition, sleep, stress, biorhythm, and relaxation and are able to guide you towards a healthier lifestyle.

They are enthusiastic about their profession and are committed to assisting their customers in achieving their health objectives. As members of the BLCN (Professional Association of Lifestyle Coaches in the Netherlands), their clients can rely on their experience and professional qualifications.

Frequently Asked Questions