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Our goal is to reduce costs due to absenteeism. To achieve this, we offer a holistic health check for employees of your company, with accompanying personalized advice on exercise and diet. In addition, we organize master classes, feedback moments and running groups to give your employees a social platform and keep them motivated. 

During the health check, a number of parameters are measured that give a complete health profile of a person. All parameters are measured and interpreted from an “evidence-based” point of view. The values ​​of these parameters are communicated back to the employees with accompanying personalized advice on diet and exercise. The health check will take place four times a year, but the advice on diet and exercise will be evaluated and adjusted on a monthly basis. By acting in this way we ensure a reduction of absenteeism in a preventive way, instead of the usual “curative” way. In addition, we will also organize activities in groups such as master classes and running groups.

In short, are you an employer and do you want to:

  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Increase the productivity of your employees
  • Improve the quality of life of your employees
  • Reduce the number of depressions / burn-outs

Then please feel free contact us!

Our services


Anthropometry, or measuring the human body, consists of measuring height, weight and size around the abdomen and hip

Blood pressure

Blood pressure is a telling parameter about the risk of cardiovascular disease and possible heart failure. Increased blood pressure can cause wear to the veins


We offer an entire lipid profile test. Cholesterol levels are generally not measured frequently, but is a major indicator for cardiovascular disease and possible heart failure 

Grip strength

Grip strength is an indicator of overall muscle strength in the body. A low grip strength may indicate a reduction in independence and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes  

Oxygen saturation

It probably sounds familiar, a little clip on the tip of your finger. It measures the oxygen saturation in your blood. This is what we also measure. Long-lasting low saturation can lead to organ damage

Blood glucose

Continuously elevated glucose levels can lead to type 2 diabetes, and should therefore be monitored carefully

Daily activity

By means of a questionnaire and interview we determine your daily activity, which is strongly related to obesity, diabetes, absenteeism and cardiovascular diseases

Endurance test

Optionally, we also offer an endurance test that makes an estimate of your maximal endurance. A reduced endurance can lead to a reduction in independence at a higher age  

Lung function

As additional service we can also measure your lung function. We measure the volume and power of your lungs. For instance, if you stop smoking the volume and power of your lungs will increase

Additional activities

In addition to the health check we also offer monthly feedback moments, Masterclasses, running groups and events 

We are Fitsurance!

We would like to introduce ourselves. We are a team of three young enthusiastic Movement Scientists with a fresh perspective on the health awareness of society. Our expertise in measuring and interpreting physical parameters gives us the unique opportunity to give appropriate advice that is entirely based on scientific research.

Our initiative is aimed at improving the health of employees, which will reduce absenteeism. In our initiative, the emphasis is on increasing physical health, because only these parameters can be measured in a fully objective manner. Absenteeism, however, is a very complex phenomenon in which physical, social and mental health play a role. Fitsurance responds to all aspects of this phenomenon!

Our team

Tommie Koppens

Master student VU University Amsterdam. Tommie is completing his Masters at the Vrije Universiteit in “Human Movement Sciences”. Tommie has experience in taking tests and interpreting data. In addition, he has proven skills in translating and communicating these data to clients. 

Stef Beijk

Research master student at VU University Amsterdam. Stef is currently working on his graduation project at the VU Amsterdam. Stef is very interested in the positive effects of nutrition on both a physical and mental level.

Sauvik Das Gupta

PhD Student at VU University Amsterdam. Sauvik has a lot of experience in academic research, in which he focuses on empirical and experimental studies. He also has strong and proven entrepreneurial and communication skills.

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