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Personalised health made easy

Improve your health, with Fitsurance!

Want to know how to age healthily? Fitsurance helps you to gain insight into your physical and mental health!

  • A clear overview of your health within 15 minutes
  • The first step towards a healthier lifestyle
  • Directly applicable
  • You will receive a personal advice plan

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The importance of checking your health

Western diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthrosis, and metabolic syndrome are chronic illnesses and form the largest disease burden in the Western world. They are generally ‘dormant’ and develop in the long term. Once they get there, it is already too late to intervene. 

This is why aiming at prevention of chronic illness is important. Chronic illness is often caused by our diet and lifestyle (alcohol, lack of exercise, stress, and not enough sleep). With the right adjustments you can prevent this! 70% of the Western diseases can be prevented with the right lifestyle!

What we offer

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Measure your health at home with our Fitkit within 15 minutes. Your test results are analyzed by us, within a few days you will receive your personalized advice to improve your health.

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Physical Health Check

Measure your health at our measurement locations. Based on the health checks, personal lifestyle coaching is provided to members in accordance with their individual goals.



Besides our Fitkit and Physical Health Check, we also offer several personalised lifestyle interventions with our partners MyMicroZoo, Greenhabbit and Clear NutriFit.

Added value

Our Fitkit, Physical Health Check and personalised lifestyle interventions will give you an easy and clear insight into how you can improve your health and energy purposefully. Under professional guidance we will map out your points of improvement and you will receive tailor-made advice to achieve your personal goal.

Fitsurance report
The Fitsurance report provides you a holistic overview of your health. All data that are measured with the Fitkit and/or the Physical Health Check has been collected in this detailed report, which explains the outcomes in detail. The report gives you insight into your own health and maps out your points of improvement. This gives you practical tools to move towards your goals of a healthier future! 

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