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Webinar: Staying healthy and vital during uncertain times

Personal Health Made Easy
Webinar by Tommie Koppens (Fitsurance)

Tuesday 01 February from 17.00 to 17.45

Key messages from webinar:

  • Kick-off of the WTC Health and Wellbeing Weeks
  • What can you expect during these weeks?
  • Why preventive health care is needed
  • Why measuring your health is important
  • Tips on what you can do to start measuring
  • Book your free Health Check!

Watch the Webinar which took place on Tuesday 01 February from 17.00 to 17.45. The event lasts 45 minutes, with the last 15 minutes reserved for questions and answers.

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Watch the webinar replay below, or click here

Fitsurance: Personal Health Made Easy

Back to work, back to health. Now that we are slowly getting used to the ‘new normal’, it is essential that we know how to maintain a lifestyle in a sustainable, healthy, and
stress-free way. This leads to resilience and a health-conscious mindset. The combination of online interactive webinars and easy-to-access health checks provides you the tools to stay healthy and fit.

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Tommie Koppens
Co-founder and CEO Fitsurance

Tommie Koppens holds a Master of Science degree in Human Movement Sciences and is a Lifestyle Coach. As an alumni from the Vrije Universiteit, he (together with other students and PhD’s) started Fitsurance in 2019. With a scientific background and a tight connection to the scientific world, Fitsurance translates insights from scientific literature into lifestyle advice. Together with science-based health checks, Fitsurance provides people with a good insight into their current health status, accompanied with data-driven lifestyle advice.

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