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Webinar: Physical Health while at work 101

A crash course in physical health best practices
Webinar by Aniek Verberne & David Xian (PreActive)

Thursday 03 February from 17.00 to 17.45

Key messages from webinar:

  • Emerging trends in physical health since the pandemic began
  • How having a poor desk set-up and being physically inactive affects your physical health
  • A short, 2 minute movement energizer
  • How that short amount of movement affected my brain and body
  • Best practices for implementing this into the workday schedule
  • How PreActive can help

Watch the Webinar which took place on Thursday 03 February from 17.00 to 17.45. The event lasts 45 minutes, with the last 15 minutes reserved for questions and answers.

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Watch the webinar replay below, or click here

A crash course in physical health best practices

The society-wide transition to working hybrid/remote has been shown to have, in some areas, impacted our physical health negatively – but how do we best adapt our work-time habits to support our physical health?

In this webinar, David and Aniek from PreActive explore the current and emerging trends in physical health, and the risks and dangers they pose to companies and organisations. Two of the primary causes behind these emerging physical health problems are dissected, and a detailed and innovative solution that will help to mitigate them will be provided. Plus, importantly, the science to back it up.

Join PreActive for this fun, interactive webinar, and don’t be surprised if they get you moving – which, as you’ll find out, is exactly what the body and brain needs.

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Webinar: Physical Health while at work 101
Webinar: Physical Health while at work 101

Aniek Verberne

David Xian
Exercise Physiologist

PreActive works together with academics and clinical professionals to combine the power of evidence-based physical health content and technology to produce a wellness platform that helps improve the health of its users. It’s founders, David Xian – an Australian Clinical Exercise Physiologist, and Aniek Verberne – a Dutch Physiotherapist are both alumni from Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam with several years of clinical experience in a range of fields, including: private practice, occupational health, semi-professional sport, chronic pain & disease management, and mental health. They share a vision to improve the health of society by providing companies and their employees the tools and knowledge necessary to manage their health independently in the long-term.

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