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Boost your organisation with Fitsurance

Improve physical and mental health of members!

Boost your organisation by improving physical and mental health of members!

  • Vital and energetic people
  • Higher productivity
  • Lower stress and sick leave

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What we offer

We are prepared and bear the risk of switching everything to online in case of Covid-19 restrictions


Health Checks

Members are offered a free health check on location. Fitsurance takes the lead in creating PR content, conducting the measurements, and reporting the results. 


Health Coaching

Based on the health checks, personal lifestyle coaching is provided to members in accordance with their individual goals.

Team Fitsurance aan het werk

Health Talks

Fitsurance hosts inspiring seminars/webinars on relevant health and lifestyle themes. These can be hosted on location or online, depending on preferences and Covid-19 measures.

Added value


Organisational loyalty

Sending a message to members that their well-being is important to the organisation has positive effects on their connection to the organisation.


Organisational effectiveness

Focusing on vitality and well-being reduces overall stress levels and increases energy levels. This has positive outcomes for sick leave and productivity of members.


Organisational joy

Our experience has shown that exploring and improving well-being brings enormous joy to members of your organisation.


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