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At Home Healthcheck Subscriptions

Are you working on your health and want to make it measurable? Or do you not know where to start, but realize to yourself that being healthy is a lifestyle choice that you need to follow over a long period of time? Then choose a subscription to your health. This will provide you with a big stick, because you will regularly monitor your health and adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

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Are you curious about your risk of Diabetes and cholesterol levels and would like to be checked for these annually? Or are you just curious about how your health is doing now and what you can do to improve it? Then this subscription is perfect for you, think of it as an annual MOT for your health.

– 1x Fitsurance Home Healthcheck
– Personal analysis obv results & comprehensive report

The Delta Check

Want to see the effect of a lifestyle modification, such as a new diet or exercise regimen, on your health? Then this subscription is ideal. You get 2 Fitsurance Health Home Checks per year, which you can use whenever you want. Tip; do one before you make a lifestyle change and one after about 2 months. This way, you can easily see if the lifestyle modification really works for you. Every body is different, of course, and because of this, everyone responds differently to a diet or other lifestyle modification!


– 2 Fitsurance Home Healthcheck
– 2x Personal analysis obv results & comprehensive report
– 1x Delta Report – get insight into what a lifestyle modification is doing to you

Advanced – Lifestyle Adaptation

Do you want to be active with your health and are looking for a stick? Make your health changes visible and be motivated by your own progression!
Tip from Tommie: do one before a lifestyle adjustment, again after 33 days, and then again after 33 days. It is proven that a lifestyle modification becomes a new habit if you can sustain it for 66 days. So stay motivated by visualizing your progression, this will help you make your new lifestyle modification a habit.

– 3 Fitsurance Home Healthcheck
– 3x Personal analysis obv results & comprehensive report
– 2x Delta Report – get insight into what lifestyle modification is doing to you and break bad habits!

Pro – New lifestyle

For those looking for real certainty in health monitoring, we also offer a screening every three months to optimize your lifestyle. This way you can be really sure that you are making the right lifestyle choices. With four tests a year, you’ll get even more insight into your health change over time. Again, of course, you can measure the effect of lifestyle modification by taking two measurements at a one- or two-month interval, twice a year.

– 4 Fitsurance Home Healthcheck
– 4x Personal analysis obv results & comprehensive report
– 3x Delta Report – get insight into what a lifestyle adjustment is doing to you and start your new lifestyle
– Fitsurance Sports Shirt gift

Want to know more?

If you want more Health Home Checks per year, they can always be purchased separately, or the subscription can be upgraded.

Want to start with one Health Thuischeck first to see how you like it? Don’t mind paying off the full amount at once? Then start your path to better health here.

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