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Take control of your health and well-being during the WTC Schiphol Health Week!


Join us from Monday 12th to Friday 16th of June

WTC Schiphol Health Week

WTC SChiphol Airport, social club and Fitsurance join forces to help you Get fit.

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Free Live Seminar

Mental Health

Thursday May 12 th | 12.30 | Fortune Bar
Neuro Habits:  ‘Reach your health goals with three insights from behavioral science’
Speaker: Jay Borger
In this Seminar, biopsychologist Jay N. Borger (MSc) teaches you why investing in behavioral change is valuable but also often difficult. Vitality training is often informative and motivating but rarely leads to lasting behavioral change. This is often a waste of time investment. On the basis of three scientific insights, he tries to provide insight into how you can change your behavior in a sustainable way for more focus, resilience and job satisfaction.

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