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Webinar: Mental Health and Wellbeing

Challenges and opportunities in the Digital Age
Webinar by Koen van Kan, Marcel van der Kuil, David Xian and Aniek Verberne

This webinar is postponed. We will be in touch once a new date has been confirmed

In this webinar you will experience:

  • How modern technology affects (mental) health
  • Practical tools to maintain a balanced (mental) health

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, we have had to postpone this webinar. We will be in touch once a new date has been confirmed.

The participant contribution of this webinar is €4,50. With this contribution we can cover the costs of the platform and technical support. We look forward to seeing you! Are you a student? Watch the webinar for free! We support students and want to create more awareness for this topic. Send an e-mail to receive a special discount code.

Participants will acquire insights, as well practical tips to work on Mental Health, in the context of study, work or leisure

In this webinar, Koen sheds light on the relationship between humans and technology. Greek mythology is used to illustrate our connectedness with technology. Modern day technology and its benefits and threats to mental health will be discussed. The audience receives practical tools to maintain a balanced (mental) health.

Then we continue with an energizer to refresh your attention and memory. After getting our attention back and having refreshed our memory with the energizer, we will move on to the second topic of the webinar

After the energizer, Marcel van der Kuil will talk and share some observations about challenges and opportunities regarding mental health form the ‘tech’ context. Because of covid, we have all experienced a sort of fast-forward ‘time-machine’ journey into the future. More and more of study and work is done online, for individuals, teams, organizations, and even complete ecosystems, in so-called ‘metaverses’ or ‘omniverses’. As a rule, people follow the work, wherever it goes. But do we really understand and leverage the digital / remote workplace? And can we deal with risks and issues, as individuals, teams and ‘digital leaders? And how do we learn to become and stay mentally fit and in ‘high performance, high impact’ mode?, even when in ‘splendid isolation’? Marcel will take some time to share some observations on challenges and opportunities, regarding ‘mental health’, from the ‘Tech’ context.

After the second top, it is time for the second energizer. We all know that exercise is good for our mental health – but why? And how much? In this short energiser, David & Aniek from PreActive briefly explain the link between physical and mental health, the benefits of being active on the brain, how much exercise is required, and tips to implement during the workday.

Finally, we close this webinar with a Q&A where you can ask all your pressing questions!

Header photo by Elijah O’Donnell from Pexels


A Koen van Kan

Koen van Kan
Behavior Expert Customer Journey at Fitsurance

Koen is a Cognitive Psychologist and Social Data Scientist. With a background in both social science and tech he specializes in human-technology interaction.

Webinar: Mental Health and Wellbeing

Marcel van der Kuil
Co-founder at TechLabs Amsterdam

Marcel is a Data Engineer, volunteering as a ‘way of life’, e.g. for TechLabs. TechLabs is a global non-profit, providing free education regarding AI, Datascience, UX Design and Web design, for everybody with a strong drive and an internet connection, across the planet.

Energizers by PreActive

Aniek Verberne

David Xian
Exercise Physiologist

PreActive works together with academics and clinical professionals to combine the power of evidence-based physical health content and technology to produce a wellness platform that helps improve the health of its users. It’s founders, David Xian – an Australian Clinical Exercise Physiologist, and Aniek Verberne – a Dutch Physiotherapist are both alumni from Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam with several years of clinical experience in a range of fields, including: private practice, occupational health, semi-professional sport, chronic pain & disease management, and mental health. They share a vision to improve the health of society by providing companies and their employees the tools and knowledge necessary to manage their health independently in the long-term.

Proeverij in Beweging

The ‘Proeverij in Beweging’ (‘Tasting in Motion’) is an initiative of Stichting Bewegen voor je Brein and Fitsurance. The aim of this event is to allow exercise professionals such as trainers, lifestyle coaches, therapists, psychologists, but also doctors and welfare workers to ‘taste’ the working methods of colleagues through inspiring and compact workshops. In short: gain insight and overview in a pleasant and practical way and also be informed in a personal way about opportunities for education and training.

In addition to the themes of health, exercise, sport and lifestyle, specific topics are also discussed, such as social resilience, learning capacity, personal growth, mental resilience and cognitive fitness.
This event will take place as soon as possible, as soon as opportunities arise in the context of the corona policy. We aim for the autumn of 2022. Until then, we will provide monthly webinars in which the speakers of the aforementioned ‘Proeverij in Beweging’ are able to already introduce themselves.

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