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Take control of your own vitality and participate in the Vitality Week at EDGE Workspaces!

Join us from monday September 20th to thursday September 23rd
to make sure you are physically and mentally fit, but also
‘fit for the job’ and ‘fit for the future’

Vitality Week

The last week of September is approaching which means a week of vitality and happiness at work. This will be the 7th edition with the theme from #COVID-19 to #GOFIT-21. It has been a tradition for the past couple years to increase awareness of working people in the Netherlands about their vitality.

The aim of the week is not only to remind people about their mental and physical health but provide them with an opportunity to connect with new people, gain information, inspiration, and knowledge regarding mental health. We hope to make the working force of the Netherlands aware of the importance of its own vitality.

Take control of your own health and join the Vitality Week in EDGE Workspaces

In order to support you with this, we have organised various activities in EDGE Workspaces together with our partners. These activities will take place in the Vitality Week from monday September 20th to thursday September 23rd.

During this week you will have a chance to participate in:

  • Every morning from 08.30 to 10.10 free health check
    Where? physio space, next to the gym | Ground floor
    The health check will only take about 5-10 minutes and as a result you will be provided with insights about your health, including type 2 diabetes, muscle mass, fat percentage and grip strength. In addition to that we can provide you with appropriate lifestyle advice based on the result of the health check by email. 
  • 16.30 – 17.00 various presentations themed in #GOFIT-2021
    Cuddle Puddle | Ground floor
    Scroll down for all the dates and subjects of the presentations.
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Presentations in the Cuddle Puddle

Monday September 20th | 16.30 – 17.00
LepelBlad & TechLabs – ‘Growth Mindset’
Speakers: Yannick LepelBlad (LepelBlad), Marcel van der Kuil (TechLabs)
Working in a start- and scale ups can be quite challenging. Next to the obvious skills to survive, perform and grow, a ‘growth mindset’ is a powerful concept, which can be explored to improve your ‘edge’, but also to keep your balance. Join us to share and discuss some insights, with Yannick from the world of (elite) Sports and Marcel from Tech transformation space.

Tuesday September 21st | 16.30 – 17.00 
MyMicroZoo & Fitsurance – ‘BBB – Blood, Body, Bacteria’
Speakers: Fleur van Eeden (MyMicroZoo), Tommie Koppens (Fitsurance)
Different tests can offer different insights when it comes to your health. Blood, feces, saliva or urine are only a couple examples of what you can get analyzed these days. But what does this tell you, and what could be the added value into combining different types of a tests and their results? In this session, MyMicroZoo and Fitsurance will explain the added value of combining your gut microbiome test with a blood values test after a succesful pilot.

Wednesday September 22nd | 16.30 – 17.00
GreenHabit & Fitsurance – ‘Gamified vitality program’
Speakers: Chantal Linders (GreenHabit), Tommie Koppens (Fitsurance)
In this session you will experience how you can use gamification and science to keep your employees mentally and physically fit! While also increasing happiness, energy and a better work-life balance for all your employees.

Thursday September 23rd | 16.30 – 17.00
Bewegen voor je Brein & Mindler – “Movement, a must for a healthy Brain”
Speakers: Timo Spijkers (Mindler), Han Baeten (Bewegen voor je Brein)
In this stimulating session you will be taken into the world of your psychological health and what effect exercise has on it. First ‘Mindler’ will tell you something about preventive programs and treatment, following up on this ‘Bewegen voor je Brein’ will let you experience the impact and importance of exercise.

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