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Vitality Week EDGE Workspaces

September 2021

Event for EDGE Workspace Members

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Seminars in the Vitality Week of EDGE Workspaces 

In the last week of september there were 4 different seminars, you are able to watch the replays of these seminars on this webpage. Send an email if you have questions.

LepelBlad & TechLabs – ‘Growth Mindset’

Working in a start- and scale ups can be quite challenging. Next to the obvious skills to survive, perform and grow, a ‘growth mindset’ is a powerful concept, which can be explored to improve your ‘edge’, but also to keep your balance. Join us to share and discuss some insights, with Yanick from the world of (elite) Sports and Marcel from Tech transformation space.

MyMicroZoo & Fitsurance – ‘BBB – Blood, Body, Bacteria’

Different tests can offer different insights when it comes to your health. Blood, feces, saliva or urine are only a couple examples of what you can get analysed these days. But what does this tell you, and what could be the added value into combining different types of a tests and their results? In this session, MyMicroZoo and Fitsurance will explain the added value of combining your gut microbiome test with a blood values test after a succesful pilot.

GreenHabit & Fitsurance – ‘Gamified vitality program’

In this session you will experience how you can use gamification and science to keep your employees mentally and physically fit! While also increasing happiness, energy and a better work-life balance for all your employees.

Bewegen voor je Brein & Mindler – ‘Movement, a must for a healthy Brain’

In this stimulating session you will be taken into the world of your psychological health and what effect exercise has on it. First ‘Mindler’ will tell you something about preventive programs and treatment, following up on this ‘Bewegen voor je Brein’ will let you experience the impact and importance of exercise.

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