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Personalised lifestyle interventions

Improve your health, with various interventions!

Get even more insight of your health with our Personalised Lifestyle Interventions with our partners!

  • More extensive advice and insights
  • The first step towards a healthier lifestyle
  • Directly applicable
  • You will receive a personal advice plan

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What we offer

We are prepared and bear the risk of switching everything to online in case of Covid-19 restrictions

Sport Clear App Sensor


Measure your health at home with our Fitkit within 15 minutes. Your test results are analyzed by us, within a few days you will receive your personalized advice to improve your health.



Measure your health at our measurement locations. Based on the health checks, personal lifestyle coaching is provided to members in accordance with their individual goals.


Blood, Body & Bacteria

Besides our Fitkit and Physical Health Check, we also offer several personalised lifestyle interventions with our partners MyMicroZoo, Greenhabbit and Clear NutriFit(plus).


Coming soon!


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