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Blood and Bacteria measurement, that’s the golden combination, isn’t it!

With the Blood & Bacteria kit you can easily perform a blood and bacteria measurement within 20 minutes. In addition to a comprehensive body and blood count that measures the risk of lifestyle diseases, your gut bacteria are also carefully tested. All from the comfort of your own living room!

The combi product of Fitsurance and MyMicroZoo
Fitsurance and MyMicroZoo join forces in the field of health.

Through the combo product ‘The Blood & Bacteria kit’, measuring your own health has never been easier. The goal of the comprehensive health test is to provide everyone with insight into their health in an approachable and life-changing way. Together we are working towards a healthy(er) future!

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The Blood and Bacteria kit

  • Fitkit worth €115
  • Bowel bacteria test worth €159
Total price: €274
Available for only €225,-
discount when purchasing combi kit: €49

What exactly is being measured?

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Measurement 1. The Fitkit

With the Fitkit measurement, you can get an answer to the question of how your health is doing and how you can age healthily in a matter of minutes. The results of the measurement will show how high your blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and inflammation levels are, and whether they are low, normal or high compared to general guidelines. In addition, during the Fitkit measurement, attention is also paid to your mental health. Afterwards, a personal health plan will be set up so that you, with our help, can improve your health!

Measurement 2. The gut bacteria test

More than half of our cells are made up of bacteria. Most of these bacteria live in our colon. The bacteria in our colon help us digest food and provide us with energy to stay healthy and fit. In addition, these bacteria also help produce vitamins, anti-inflammatory substances and neurotransmitters, substances that affect the brain.


If your gut is in balance, so is the rest of your body

Gut bacteria can help us, but also work against us when they are out of balance. Many people do not know that the microbiome plays an important role in the state of our health. A microbiome that is out of balance can cause many health problems. A low energy level or your (mental) state of mind could very well be the cause of an imbalance in the gut. When you want to improve your general health, resolve specific physical complaints, or are not progressing in your sporting achievements, it can sometimes be valuable to take a look at how your gut microbiome is doing. MyMicroZoo’s bacteria measurement uses the latest sequencing techniques to analyze the composition of the gut microbiome. During the measurement, your microbiome type, the diversity of your gut bacteria, and the ratio of “good” to “bad” bacteria, among other things, will be measured. Through a personalized report, we will comprehensively assess your gut health and help you get started on the right lifestyle.

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