Privacy statement

The following parameters might be measured during the health check:

  • Cholesterol levels (total lipid profile)
  • Blood sugar values
  • Hemoglobin and Hematocrit
  • Oxygen saturation values
  • Anthropometrics
  • Blood pressure
  • Grip strength
  • Mental score (appetite, stress, sleep, vitality, happiness)
  • Daily Physical activity
  • Endurance capacity
  • Lung function

The above list is not exhaustive, Fitsurance BV might expand the health check by implementing new parameters. You as a client will always be notified before execution of the health check.

The measurements that are performed are (90-99%) accurate. These measurements do not in any way constitute medical advice, we provide preventive advice regarding your health. If a measurement indicates a possible deviation, we refer you to your general practitioner. When you become a client of Fitsurance BV you give explicit permission to save and process your data in the
context of this health check and advice.

You also get your own data in a report or can access your data via the mobile application and can request removal of your data at any time. Furthermore, Fitsurance BV may retain your data anonymously for 10 years for research purposes.

Fitsurance BV complies with the guidelines for processing of special personal data as described in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As a client, your rights are:

  • Voluntary participation, you are not committed to anything and withdrawing participation is always possible
  • Execution and protocols of the Health Check have been clarified to you
  • Fitsurance BV treats your data confidentially and does not share it with any third party
  • You can indicate at any time that Fitsurance BV must delete your data
  • You always have access to all your data

For questions you can always email us at