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Limited free body check!

Fitsurance makes data-driven lifestyle coaching insightful and accessible to all.

Quick insight into current health
Scientifically based and data-driven
Personal and practical approach
Accessible and clear for all
The Vrije Universiteit is working with the VU spin-off Fitsurance to give employees more control over their health. Employees can book a Health Check right here on the VU campus!

What is being measured?

The Body Check measures overall body composition. This includes muscle mass, fat mass & fat percentage and water mass. The grip strength test is an easy test and is an essential part of understanding body muscle function and overall strength. (Click here for the Inbody dummy report)

Disclaimer; data will never be shared with your employer!

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Why do we offer this free check?

We provide this check because weight alone does not tell the entire story. This measurement takes into account not only your weight, but also your muscle and fat mass. Furthermore, the measurement provides more insight about your energy consumption, fat percentage, and fat distribution. Based on the free Body Check, we can determine if you are eligible for a combined lifestyle intervention (GLI). The GLI is a program that assists individuals who are overweight or obese in making lifestyle adjustments. This intervention is entirely covered by your health insurance company as part of the standard package.

What is this 2 year lifestyle intervention?

The GLI is a two-year program that aims to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This allows you to truly “build” your new healthy behaviors into your life. Group meetings and individual counseling with lifestyle coaches are part of the intervention. It is a program where people can get information and guidance on:

  • healthy diet
  • healthy eating habits
  • healthy exercise
  • Stress
  • Sleep
  • work-life balance

The GLI offered through Fitsurance “Coaching on Lifestyle” (CooL). The CooL program is implemented by the lifestyle coaches of Fitsurance, and is aimed at improving lifestyle patterns step by step to achieve sustainable lifestyle change with the ultimate goal of achieving weight loss, improving physical fitness, realizing health gains and improving quality of life.


The story of Fitsurance

Fitsurance was founded at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam by Human Movement scientists with a shared passion for health and physical activity. They were shocked to learn that 10 million people are suffering from chronic disease in The Netherlands. This number is still rising, even though health awareness and health literacy among consumers are at an all-time high. One reason for this is the scatteredness and variety of options in lifestyle interventions, making it difficult to know where to start when wanting to live and maintain a healthy life.

Fitsurance offers a solution by combining health diagnostics with lifestyle interventions into so-called data-driven lifestyle coaching. We advocate for a shift in focus from treatment to prevention. By empowering our customers to take control of their personal health, they are guided towards healthier, happier, and more active lives, regardless of their age, health awareness, fitness level, and wealth.

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