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Socialclub Delftse Poort Health Week

social club and Fitsurance join forces to help you Get fit.

Take control of your health and well-being during the Socialclub Delftse Poort Health Week!

Join us on the 20th and the 22nd of June!

Personal health made easy!

Gain insight into your current health status and risk factor for generating chronic diseases. Fitsurance provides preventative health checks to help you understand your current health status and possible risks towards developing chronic diseases.

The health check will only take about 10 minutes and as a result you will be provided with insights about your health, including type 2 diabetes, muscle mass, fat percentage and grip strength. In addition to that we can provide you with appropriate lifestyle advice based on the result of the health check by email.

Disclaimer; data will never be shared with your employer!

Read more information about the Health Check Add-ons below:

Add-ons can be bought on location, making it easy to upgrade your experience without the hassle of online purchases.

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Physical Health Check

This check measures…

  • The overall body composition (including muscle, fat and water mass, and fat%)
  • The grip strength, an essential part to gain insight into the amount of muscle mass and muscle function in the body
  • Blood sugar (indication of (pre)diabetes type 2)
  • Possibility to upgrade with additional blood tests and add-ons

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